Learning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Marketing

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Marketing especially digital marketing is a field that thrives on data. Every marketer wants to have access to data, store data and periodically analyze data. More than these they want to build business models on data and understand data behaviors to make marketing decisions. Handling these manually can be extremely complicated. However, with understanding of the use and operational techniques of artificial intelligence as well as machine learning, this could be a real stroll.

In digital marketing especially, a marketer wants to be able to use their marketing tools to study the behaviors and interests of their targets before spending on campaigns and advertisement. These come easy with artificial intelligence because data are easily collected, data behaviors are readily explored and how machines learn audiences’ behaviors are thoroughly investigated to ensure compatibility with marketing objectives. There is therefore a need for a course like for most digital enthusiasts and professionals to stay on top of their games as well as achieve marked marketing objectives.

Why is this course important?

This course should be a given for you as long as you are in the digital century and you have a business or organization that needs online visibility, any form of promotion or marketing. This will make all of these easy for you as you would understand the rudimentary of how data engineers marketing and marketing choices. Some of the reasons you should consider learning this course include the following;

- According to McKinsey Global Institute, Artificial intelligence and machine learning is suggested to generate between 1.4 trillion and 2.6 Trillion between now and 2024 simply by solving marketing and sales problems.

- The use of artificial intelligence by marketers soared in 2020 by 84 percent margin from 2018. You could argue that Covid-19 is a factor but further uptrend is definitely expected as the tools have been named very useful by marketers.

- Voice/chat marketing and mobile assistant technology continues to grow

- Overall, 70 percent of high performing marketing teams agree to have AI strategy as against 35 percent of underperforming peer marketing team counterparts.

Why Emily’s Course

Emily had always trained as an artificial intelligence and machine learning expert until she found a new passion in marketing at the time she wanted to promote one of her top robot that work with artificial intelligence principles. So, we can say her interest in how AI affect marketing is a challenge influenced one. This assignment revealed several marketing problems to her that can be easily solved with automation and artificial intelligence tools. This made her went further into the details of how AI and machine learning can be used in marketing rather than her own invention alone. Therefore, she developed several AI powered tools and were highly accepted and adopted by professionals. She went on to create online courses to develop professionals in a field that appear as though not optimally tapped yet. This gave her opportunity to mentor professionals year in and out as thousands of people take her course. She is also sharing this course to replicate her magic touch in the lives of her students online. You should consider her course as she is a perfect mix of expertise and experience required to understand how artificial intelligence and machine learning influence marketing.

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